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Uprising All Stars


Uprising All-Stars are uniquely able to entertain audiences in any genre of choice. 

The All-Stars are made up of leading players from multiple genres that have each developed their talents in multiple styles from different regions of the world that range from Jazz and Latin Jazz to Salsa and Flamenco to Hip-Hop, Rock and R&B.

Under the guidance of living legends like Eddie Palmieri, Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Herman Olivera, Jimmy Bosch, Little Johnny, Arturo Ortiz, Jose Clausell and many others, the All-Stars unite to become re-adjusters of music, infusing them with musical influences from around the globe.

In addition to the legendary leaders, the Uprising All Stars presentations feature future legends like Kelli Sae, Alex Conde, the Curtis Bros, Camilo Molina, Louis Fouche, Jonathan Powell, Igmar Thomas and many others.

The All Stars will unite this November 10, 2018 for a one-time only Tribute to Charlie Palmieri featuring Herman Olivera and Jimmy Bosch at Lehman College where they will also be a part of a special reunion of Eddie Palmieri and Lalo Rodriguez celebrating the first Grammy presented for Latin Music to Eddie Palmieri's the "Sun of Latin Music."  Info here: 

Photos by Joe Conzo