UPRISING MUSIC is a Management & Production Company

Uprising Music Builds Bridges.  Not Walls.


Uprising exists to provide management and development to talented, diverse musicians; helping them create a path towards creative and professional growth.

Artists and Principles

Uprising believes that music bridges communities from diverse backgrounds; transmitting traditions through generations. Uprising focuses on multi-cultural artists, primarily in or from the NYC-area, deeply rooted in the musical traditions of the Afro-Caribbean.  

A key ingredient in the DNA of Uprising and Uprising artists is an authentic fusion of cultures. By merging their influences with respect for their cultural roots, Uprising's artists are uniquely able to "Re-adjust" rhythms into new art forms infused with musical roots from around the globe.

Uprising believes in respecting the artist and his/her craft.  We believe in fair and reliable compensation materialized in multiple revenue streams that the artist can rely on, today and in the future.

Uprising also believes in “passing on the baton” by actively developing educational tools such as lectures, mobile apps and teaching videos that students and educators can incorporate into their music curricula.


Uprising's management team has:

  • over 20 years of artist management experience and a solid network of artists, venues, promoters, booking agents and recording studios across the globe

  • almost 30 years of marketing, brand development and business expertise in the consumer goods and entertainment field

  • over 15 years of business development and management in the entertainment industry

  • vast experience managing tours, venues, recording studios and live performances in domestic and international settings

  • over two decades of experience recording, distributing and licensing music

  • over 20 years of experience building collaborations with legends and rising stars in different musical genres




Eddie Palmieri II



Frank Abenante



Zoilo R. Torres