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Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia + the M19s Band:

The LP, The Live Set and The App


No Requests

Stretch and Bobbito’s debut album No Requests explores the legendary club DJs’ vast musical knowledge with covers of songs directly from their record crates!

Featuring the M19s Band, a live band of elite hand-picked musicians, the gatekeepers of ‘90s Hip Hop step outside their foundational genre base to produce Latin, Afro-beat, Samba, Jazz, Reggae, and Soul reinterpretations of dance floor bangers—ranging from popular to rare and obscure—which loosely depart expected structure and create new nuances to familiar tunes. The group also offers original compositions along the sonic journey. All tracks have one goal in mind: GROOVE!

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Produced by Stretch and Bobbito

The M19s band:
Drums by Camilo Molina / Percussion by Orlando Vega/ Bass by Luques Curtis / Keys by Axel Tosca / Trombone by Corey Wallace / Trumpet by Jonathan Powell / Flute/sax by Gabrielle Garo / Guitar by Bryan Vargas / Vocals by Edson Sean/Nekaybaw/ArinMaya

Featuring appearances by:
Rich Medina / Maimouna Youssef / Mireya Ramos (vocals & violin) / Jose Parlá

No Requests will be released on 10x Grammy Winner Eddie Palmieri’s newly formed label, Uprising Music. The Live Set merges a core band with ground-breaking guests into a continuous sonic journey guided by Stretch and Bobbito, who will seamlessly incorporate DJing in and out of songs performed live.

The App will be the first ever interactive media tool to allow fans, musicians and DJs to engage with Stretch and Bobbito’s music on their mobile devices. The App, which comes with sheet music for each instrument, allows users to isolate, mute, solo, pan and fade any instrument while controlling tempo and/or creating loops.

Check out the demo video here.


About The Artists

+ Stretch Armstrong

NYC native Stretch Armstrong is an internationally recognized DJ and cultural influencer with an incomparable career. After DJing in clubs in the late 80's as a teenager, Stretch soon became a household name via the "Stretch and Bobbito" radio show, through which the world was first introduced to future household names like Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, Busta Rhymes, Lauryn Hill and The Notorious B.I.G. It's no uncommon to hear someone say the first time they heard an anthemic song or important artist was from Stretch. As a club DJ who has never been confined to one genre, Stretch, a progenitor of what would become known as "open-format" (incorporating a multitude of musical genres) has spun all over the world for nearly three decades, thriving in small and large venues alike.

Stretch recently co-produced and music-supervised the widely heralded documentary "STRETCH AND BOBBTO: RADIO THAT CHANGED LIVES" (directed by Bobbito Garcia), a film that dives into the deep impact the duo had on the burgeoning culture of hip-hop. As a result of the popularity of the film, and the continued outcry from fans to return to the airwaves, Stretch and Bobbito did just that in 2017 via National Public Radio, in the form of an interview-based podcast, "What's Good with Stretch and Bobbito." Guests have included Erykah Badu, Lenny Kravitz, Dave Chappelle, Stevie Wonder, Chance the Rapper, Black Thought, Massimo Bottura, Rosie Perez, Regina King and many more.

In 2016, Stretch authored the book "NO SLEEP: NYC NIGHTLIFE FLYERS 1988-1999, a visual history of nightlife flyer art" (Powerhouse Books), which dives into the story of NYC clubs in their last golden age.

Stretch continues to DJ all over the world, for both music connoisseurs in intimate venues, as well as high profile brands. His unique perspective and breadth of musical knowledge, from the past to the present, across multiple genres, and his keen ability to understand his audience, have solidified his reputation as a DJ who has earned a reputation.


+ Bobbito García

NYC native Bobbito García is a freelance creative who has put an indelible footprint on multiple urban movements. During the 1990s, the legendary air personality was one-half of the “Stretch and Bobbito” program on WKCR. The duo introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, and Wu-Tang, as well as an unknown Jay-Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their platform exceed 300 million. In 1998, the Source Magazine voted them as “The Best Hip Hop Radio Show of All Time.“

As the progenitor of sneaker journalism, García penned his landmark Source article “Confessions of a Sneaker Addict” in 1990, then in 2003 became the critically acclaimed author of Where’d You Get Those? NYC’s Sneaker Culture: 1960-1987 (Testify Books). In 2005, ESPN’s “It’s The Shoes” series, hosted by Bobbito, became the first show on the subject in broadcasting history.

A former professional basketball player in Puerto Rico, García performed in the ground breaking Nike “Freestyle” commercial. In 2007, the brand released seven co-designed Air Force 1 sneakers bearing his name. The voice of EA Sports’ popular NBA Street video game is also a world-renowned DJ, who has spun World, Soul and Jazz music at Lincoln Center, Central Park SummerStage, and the Smithsonian (DC).

As an award-winning filmmaker, García has directed Doin’ It In The Park: Pick-Up Basketball, NYC (PBS, Netflix), Stretch and Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives (Showtime, Netflix), and NY Times“Critics’ Pick" Rock Rubber 45s (Smithsonian African American Film Festival 2018 official selection).

A founding member of the Kennedy Center’s Hip Hop Culture Council and a recent Wesleyan University “Distinguished Alumni Award” recipient, "Kool Bob Love” currently produces his b-ball tournament Full Court 21™ in four continents, and co-hosts NPRs “What’s Good with Stretch and Bobbito” podcast.




+ Stretch And Bobbito: Radio That Changed Lives

“During the 1990s, Stretch and Bobbito introduced the world to an unsigned Nas, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Big Pun, as well as an unknown Jay Z, Eminem, and the Fugees. The total record sales for all the artists that premiered on their show exceed 300 million. The late-night program had a cult following in the art/fashion world and prison population as well. All would loyally tune in for the offbeat humor just as much for the exclusive tunes. Stretch and Bobbito brought a unique audience together, and created a platform that changed music forever.“

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+ Rock Rubber 45S

“ROCK RUBBER 45s is a cinematic odyssey exploring the connectivity of global basketball, sneaker, and music lifestyle through the firsthand lens of authentic NYC culture orchestrator Bobbito García. The film explores García’s youth dealing with mistreatment, educational quandaries, identity, and loss as well as his ascension to self-determination as an adult freelance creative.

The ballplayer/author/DJ/filmmaker has carved an independent career that has inspired millions throughout the world, and has affected the growth and direction of the footwear, hip hop, and sports industries in the process.”

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What's Good with Stretch & Bobbito is your source for untold stories and uncovered truths. Hosts Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia interview cultural influencers, bringing their warmth, humor, and a fresh perspective. They're talking about art, music, politics, sports and what's good!”